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ECG Electrode Placement

A/C Interference
  • Make sure the power cord and patient cable do not cross and are as far apart as possible.
  • Make sure all electrodes have good skin contact.
  • The reference-lead is always the right leg. Make sure this site has been thoroughly abraded and that there is good electrode to skin contact.
  • Patient cannot be in contact with other electrical equipment or wall.
Wandering Baseline

Generally caused by one or more of the following:

  • Insufficient skin preparation
  • Patient moving during recording
  • Poor application
  • Tense patient

Assuming good skin preparation and electrode application, allow a short time for the electrodes to stabilize then repeat the recording. Arm lead hook-ups should be as close to the shoulder as possible. Very tense patients should be instructed to sit on their hands with palms facing down.

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